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Economical production of exciting food design.


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Economical production of exciting food design.


The IFFA is an indicator. Trend barometer

Leading international trade fair. Innovation pool. Inspiration and opportunity. Whatever the IFFA 2019 is for you: we are there for you at the IFFA – and then in the Handtmann Forum, at any time. So that, together, we can talk about innovations from the IFFA, discuss visions or develop new ideas into top-selling products.

We are the right partner for you. If quality is important to you

If you are looking for inspiration for trend products. If you are a start-up, a small-scale producer or a corporation. As we provide you with the latest food technology on state-of-the-art machines. The Handtmann think tank looks forward to working with you. Let’s get started together. In the Handtmann Forum.

NEW: Cost reduction thanks to new Handtmann weighing system

The new WS 910 weighing system from Handtmann offers cost reduction through minced meat products with guaranteed accurate-to-the-gram weights. It is particularly useful in the application areas of minced meat and in the production of formed products. The WS 910 weighing system with the SB 912 sorting belt is always part of a turnkey solution, integrated into a production line for process monitoring. The main functions comprise production control, monitoring and weight control, as well as ejecting under- or overweight portions after the forming and portioning process. The weighing system also forms part of the Handtmann LineControl concept. This ensures user-friendliness (product selection via the vacuum filler only; setting of the scales and communication then automatically in the line), and process reliability due to increased line efficiency.

You benefit from these advantages

  • Significant reduction of rework results in savings in packaging, resources and handling
  • Fewer product ejections due to weights accurate to the gram further boost the production output
  • Significant cost savings due to reduction of give-away to a minimum
  • 100 % control due to reference weighing each portion

NEW: Process natural casing optimally with your experts

Ensure high operational performance and reduced non-production times for production with natural casing. With the Handtmann AL systems. Because even more gentle linking thanks to the specially-developed parallel voider is only one example of the profitable new developments Handtmann launches to perfect automated sausage production.

Benefit from these advantages

  • From portioning to hanging or cutting: every function is perfect by itself, and optimal in the overall process
  • Extremely short casing change times for maximum productivity
  • Exact equal lengths for all products guaranteed
  • Flexible module in complex automation solutions through to packaging

Casing change in less than 2 seconds seconds through revolving head with 2 linking nozzles. When operation is stopped, the revolving head automatically moves out of the casing brake. To change the casing, the operator then uses the 2-handed operating unit. The revolving head tilts and moves linearly into filling position. The casing change is performed in an ergonomic position, tilted towards the operator. As an option, the PVLH 228 can be fitted with a casing detection system that detects the end of the casing on the linking nozzle in good time. This minimises impurities caused by sausage meat and also ensures optimum casing usage.

Continuous filling process by means of voiding
The filling process runs continuously with the “Voiding” mode. The voider defines the exact linking position and, in conjunction with highly-dynamic linking, facilitates portioning accurate to the gram with equal lengths. A new parallel voider ensures even more gentle linking of natural casing products and facilitates a high effective production output.

We will have innovations on show at the IFFA in connection with natural casing too. Read more about it here soon.


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HMC Handtmann Machine Cockpit

Premiere of a new Handtmann cloud solution!

The Handtmann Machine Cockpit is an online tool that provides effective support and help. Because it stores defined data such as operating hours, pressure curves, error messages and machine status in the cloud. An up-to-date overview of this data is thus also available on mobile devices anywhere and anytime – almost in real time! Moreover, critical information such as due date of the next maintenance are not only available to you but also to your Handtmann contact responsible for service scheduling. Machines that are maintained in good time help avoid unplanned downtimes and keep your operating costs low.

HCU Handtmann Communication Unit: New functions
For years, the HCU has been the leading Industry 4.0 solution for the planning, control and optimisation of the filling department. Newly developed functions bring real added value in operation practice. Important key figures such as the overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) are automatically calculated and provide the basis for continuous optimisation. The digital user-based documentation of cleaning and testing routines is also new on the way to leaner and paperless processes.

HPV Handtmann Product Visualization
In the production of formed products, it offers easy setting of the desired product shape by graphic representation on the vacuum filler’s control system.

HMF Handtmann Monitoring Function
Independently stops the filling and portioning line if quality-relevant parameters are exceeded or undercut. Misproduction is thus reduced or even avoided altogether.

IFC Intelligent Filler Clipper Interface
Provides performance increase and process reliability thanks to optimum synchronisation of vacuum filler and clipper. 

MSA Machine Setup Assistant
Based on product information such as weight, length or casing type, it automatically proposes equipment options and parameter settings for the machine. Provides optimum support for new or inexperienced operators and ensures save and reliable production.

HDI Handtmann Data Interface
Features a standardised interface for easy communication with data processing system for process optimisation.

HLC Handtmann Line Control
Allows status monitoring and automatic program change for complex automated production lines via the vacuum filler’s control system.

There is, however, also a large number of individual digital solutions to see at the Handtmann trade fair stand that offer added value in daily production for specific applications and systems. Interested? Then visit us and see live how easy it is to integrate our digital solutions in your production!

ConPro Compact

The new ConProCompact system. Pure flexibility.

Revolutionary 16 years ago. More in demand than ever today: products in alginate casing. We respond to this trend with our ConPro technology and an innovation at the IFFA 2019: the ConProCompact system! The perfect entry-level variant for small- and medium-scale producers who seek access to the world of alginate co-extrusion technology. The main feature of the ConProCompact system is the new alginate feed unit for feeding the alginate gel.

Benefit from an easy system structure, minimum space requirements in your production thanks to the “compact” design and easy operation via the master vacuum filler.

In addition, the new system offers you maximum flexibility in alginate casing application, be it for traditional sausage products or new trend products. The scope in the areas of meat, fish, vegetable, vegetarian products or convenience products is enormous. And the new ConProCompact system can be easily converted if you occasionally want to switch to the production of classic natural, collagen or peel-off casing products.

The new Handtmann ConProCompact system. Your flexible solution for a forward-looking production.

The new AL systems with the plus.

plus means added value for the entire line. In fact, as pioneers and world market leaders in the automated natural casing processing for sausages, we take it one step further at the IFFA. With the new AL systems, we offer numerous new features that help you achieve a plus of added value every day with every sausage you produce. Our tried and tested system technology including revolver, voider and length unit optimises your production with new extras, such as the casing pusher for natural casing and even faster setup of auxiliary device and hanging unit. The newest, pioneering communication technology is integrated with EtherCAT – for the demands of tomorrow. Our parallel voiders ensure unbelievably gentle linking and a plus of up to 800 portions per minute.

Higher process reliability and increased performance with minimised setup times are only few of the advantages that the AL plusmodels offer you. Would you like to find out more? Do you need more detailed information? You can find all the new AL plus-systems demonstrated live at our trade fair stand in Hall 12 A80: PVLH 228 plus. PVLS 125 plus. PVLSH 229 plus.

VF 800 for trend products.

Universal. Flexible.

The VF 800 vacuum fillers are modular and flexible basic modules for the production of convenience products, snacks and trend products. In system solutions for filling accurate to the gram, portioning, forming, cutting, co-extruding and depositing with supply to the packaging solution. Rissoles, balls, cevapcici, soup add-ins, salads, sauces and much more.

VF 800, the intelligent control module in line solutions
The drive and control technology developed by Handtmann guarantees reliable production processes. Whether in combination with AL sausage filling lines, the ConPro system for sausages in alginate casing, or forming and depositing processes. A reliable central element for complex processing steps, including product handling through to the packaging solution.

VF 800, processor and digital expert
The VF 800 vacuum filler boasts a wide range of integrated digital features that bring targeted benefits in day-to-day production: production monitoring function, visualisation of formed products on the monitor control system screen, intelligent assistance functions, activation of software functions, interface communication, machine setup assistant and lots more. Plus, the VF 800 forms the basis of the HCU networking software. At Handtmann, Industry 4.0 is known as HCU and it stands for the modern management of materials, staff and machines. The HCU is a unique tool for controlling, monitoring and optimising the filling department.


VF 800 state-of-the-art filling technology on the market

Hygienic Design. Comprehensive innovative hygiene concept creates optimum hygiene conditions. Smooth external surfaces and angled or curved surfaces, e.g. on the machine frame, the hopper’s pivot bearing and the arm lifting device, guarantee fast water drainage. Small gap widths, short seal lengths and few edges ensure that there are no dirt traps, the cleaning work needed is also reduced and a high level of hygiene is guaranteed.

TÜV-validated energy efficiency. The VF 800 meets the energy efficiency criteria as per the TÜV-SÜD-EME standard and saves resources for sustainable and environmentally-friendly food production. Examples of this are the energy-efficient design of the machines with durable components, reduced wear and tear, the latest hygienic design and energy-efficient servo drive technology.

Trend products

What do you need to stay on the ball?
Latest technology + product development expertise.
We’ve got them.

Because we’re the experts. For traditional meat and sausage products – that goes without saying. But also for the latest food products. Both together are an unbeatable combination that you can benefit from. Visit us at the IFFA and experience the latest meat trends at the Handtmann stand. Touch. Taste. Analyse. Discuss. Benefit. In the Handtmann Meat Innovation Centre.

Diet is a way of life. A status symbol. An ideology. Meat is increasingly stimulating discussion. GMO-free. Organic. Animal-friendly. Additives-free. Meat-free … They are all very much on the rise. Do you want to stay on the ball and secure your share of this sales potential with new products in addition to your traditional meat and sausage products? Perhaps presented in new ways? Or products in alginate casing? Or maybe you’re a start-up and have ideas for hybrid sausages or faux meat products? Then Handtmann is your partner. Because technological expertise is what is needed. And modular and intelligent system technology.

We have experience in the production of trend products and are open to your new product ideas and to practical testing together with you in our Handtmann Forum technology centre. We’re looking forward to your visit so that we can be trendsetters together.

Soon, you will be able to read here how the meat processing company Kampsen from Cloppenburg is enjoying success with trend products.

Handtmann Digital Solutions

improve productivity and process reliability

Together with us, digitize your production step by step.

Everyone’s talking about the digital transformation. We’ve already implemented it: a digital solution for comprehensive production networking and lots of individual digital solutions that can be effectively integrated into the production lines. But we will, of course, also be offering new digital solutions at the IFFA … here, or in the newsletter available shortly, find out which solutions we will have ready for you at the IFFA.

The conflicting priorities faced by the meat industry are more challenging than ever before. Changed consumer behaviour, due to considerations concerning the wellbeing of animals and the environment, demands flexibility and adaptability. The markets are becoming more global and the processes in the meat industry thus more complex. As a meat processing company, take advantage of the digital transformation in order to prevail in global competition, exploit new market potential and meet the increasingly complex statutory stipulations. Transparency and process reliability are of fundamental importance for complying with food safety requirements. Handtmann is your partner. Production networking for controlling, monitoring and optimising the filling department as well as effective and flexible production planning ensure top-level transparency and cost control.

Read here how successfully the EDEKA plant in Southern Bavaria has optimised its production using digital solutions from Handtmann. Read it now!



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